The New Way to Attend.

Forget forms. Engage with attendees through chat.

Saavu helps attendees get information about your event over text, anytime, anywhere, without the need to download a new app.
Conversational Experience
Conversational style makes registration and communication fun. Personalize content delivery and have meaningful interactions over chat.
Clear Communication
Information in smaller doses so that attendees actually understand it. No more info bombs, whew!
Adapts to Your Event
Highly adaptable and customizable to fit the needs of unique events. You decide what, when and how.


All essential in one place
Collect registrations, payments and attendee info. Add attachments like tickets and schedules. Manage customer service.
Right info at the right time
Automate and time information to arrive to attendees when they need it. Instantly update attendees about important changes.
Guaranteed reach
We make sure your messages reach everybody. Track this on our dashboard.
Simple dashboard
Relevant attendee data in a simple and organized way. Easily accessible on mobile and desktop.
Your event, your style. Personalize content delivery according to attendee status or segments.
Simple pricing
Pay per attendee. Calculate your estimated price here.
"One of the best things I have seen in years!"
- Coach at Startup Journey

How it works

Create a chatflow
Create the conversation you want to have with attendees with a few simple clicks. Set questions and answers, payments and tickets, information and content related to your event.
Set an event page
Set an event page where attendees sign up with their phone number. Attendees get a link to your chatflow. They complete the process you created through chat. Easy and fun!
See the status of your attendees in real time on our dashboard. Add new messages to your chatflow at any given time.
Calculate Your Price
We are testing different prices to find the most suitable for you.
Calculated prices are estimations and may change!

We charge 3% of the ticket price

Using Saavu might cost You:

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Saavu [sɑ:vu] is a Finnish word that means “arrive”.

A message arrives to your attendees.
They arrive to your event.
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